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"You don't have to perfect to be DOPE."


Duo Rich & Diamond created DOPE in response to national, local, and personal trials and tribulations. 


DOPE is a movement - an empowerment and lifestyle brand created to encourage all:

the oppressed, the marginalized, the stereotyped... 

the dreamers, doers, and entrepreneurs...

the straight, the gay, the embracers...

the misunderstood, underestimated, and the goal diggers...

Emphasizing nothing less but excellence, quality, comfort, and inspiration, DOPE's goal is to inspire individuals to:

1. Level-up their lives despite adversities or what one feels is too hard to do.

2. Dominate goals by any means necessary.

3. Be their own kind of excellence by defying odds.

DOPE is committed to reinvesting and restoring communities through its #OperationDOPE initiative.  A percentage of all sales from #TheDOPEBox will go towards rewarding academic scholarships for students, providing small grants for black and minority-owned small businesses, and supporting various community partnerships and initiatives. 

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